Topic: Services

May 19, 2011 in SessionIdeas

I thought it might be a good idea to start to introduce some of the topics we want to cover at the meeting so that people could begin to wrap their heads around these and related ideas.

I am particularly interested in exploring the services that we can create based on LOD that will connect users to resources held or managed by LAM. There has been a lot of activity (well, at least some activity) around the creation of data sets and vocabularies, but so far little has been done or even speculated on the ways that users will benefit from this linked data.

I would like to spend some time exploring “wild and crazy ideas” about possible services based on LOD. To make things a bit more concrete, I always go back to Vannevar Bush’s MEMEX – with its function of organizing, storing, linking and collaborating around information resources. If MEMEX was a great idea in 1949, what’s the appropriate great idea for 2011? I encourage folks to come to the meeting with ideas in this area.

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