LOD-LAM bringing DPLA Interoperability Workshop members back together

May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Antoine Isaac

Antoine Isaac at DPLA meeting in Amsterdam

The LOD-LAM summit is just a few more days away, I’m looking forward to some foggy, cooler weather, since it’s been in the 90s here in Washington.

The meeting should be quite interesting. It will be run in the style of an unconference. The list of attendees is a pretty much world-wide list of great people. There are lots of people that I know (including those from my own personal Wayback machine, yes, you Richard Urban), but even more that I follow on Twitter or elsewere on the InterToobz that I’m excited to meet for the first time in person (I’m calling out Adrian Stevenson, Mia Ridge, Mathias Schindler, Perian Sully, just to pick four at random). You can find the whole list of participants here.

Also there will be a good representative group from the recent Global Interoperability and Linked Data Workshop in Amsterdam (see my reports here and here), including:

My Smithsonian colleague, Effie Kapsalis will be there and that powerhouse from the Powerhouse Museum, Luke Dearnley is coming in from Australia.

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