Mackenzie Smith on Open Licenses for Data

June 8, 2011 in proceedings

First of several videos from David Weinberger capturing some of the proceedings from the Summit. Thanks David, and all the interviewees!

2 responses to Mackenzie Smith on Open Licenses for Data

  1. What about multilingual linked open data? If you want universal access to the information you must to think about it.

    And What about the most popular and used subject headings? Must they be on public domain? I’m talking about the Library of Congress Subject Headings, Laval, …

  2. Hello, I’m a Junior Fellow this summer for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program. I’m really interested in Linked Open Data and I recently wrote a blogpost for The Signal about the topic. It’s the first in a series of posts and I’m open to suggestions on what parts of LOD to research and write about. If you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment on my post! Here’s the link:

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